How I Cleared My Face Without Spending Hundreds of Dollars.


In today’s modern world full of selfies and candid photos, having glowy, clear skin is what many people consider a must. Even if you aren’t interested in social media, having those irritating red bumps on your skin can be extremely annoying. Trust me, I would know.

I’ve struggled with acne since the 3rd grade ( I’m now a sophomore in high school ). My skin has always been something I’ve been very insecure about. I didn’t understand why I was the only girl in my class with acne scars and red bumps on my face. I spent so so so much money on expensive Sephora products that would never up working. Proactive and all those other brands never did a thing to my skin. Until this year. This year I truly figured out what was wrong with my skin and what I should do to clear it. It took a couple of months but now my skin is the clearest its been in years and I promise yours can be too (without spending hundreds of dollars!)

My skincare routine has grown and improved over the years. I have oily, acne-prone skin and for many years, I wasn’t purchasing the right products, or just purchasing them because they were “trendy”. For each step in my routine, I’ll show you the less expensive and the more expensive version of what I think works best. I’ve tried all of these products out, so if your skin is like mine, I recommend you test them out!

1. Water, Working Out, Sleep, and Your Diet.

To have clear skin, it’s important that your body is healthy. Drinking water, eating and sleeping right, and working out is important. I know, you’ve heard this million of times; but nevertheless, it truly does work. Even drinking just one more cup of water and eating one more fruit instead of chocolate can really improve your skin. I live in a very hot and humid area, so drinking water is a must. Also, drinking water isn’t just good for your face, it’s also what your body needs to carry out basic functions. Getting enough sleep is also super important. Not only does it help your skin, but its the easiest way to feel more productive and energized during the day. Working out helps detox your body. If you don’t have time to do a full hour of working out, a little 15-minute jog is better than nothing. Remember that skin reflects what’s going on inside the body, so if you’re eating too much sugar and not enough water, this can be a cause of your acne. I’m not saying to completely change your lifestyle, I’m saying to be more careful about how you take care of your body. Doing all the things listed above will not just improve your skin, but also improve every aspect of your body.

2. My skincare routine

Step 1: Cleansing

STEP 1.jpg

Bioré Deep Charcoal CleanserGlamGlow SUPERCLEANSE™ Clearing Cream-to-Foam Cleanser
These products have very different price points, but both have made a huge difference in my skin. Bioré specializes in using ingredients like charcoal and baking soda, which are known to brighten and clear the skin. I have tried a lot of their products and they have all worked very well. If you are wanting a good product without spending a lot of money, their line is definitely essential. However, if you want a stronger and quicker cleanser and are willing to spend more, the GlamGlow Cleanser is amazing. This cleanser is also made with charcoal, but contains a lot more natural ingredients such as cumin seeds, licorice roots, and 3 different types of charcoal! Once I ran out of the GlamGlow cleanser, the Bioré helped keep my skin in a healthy state. Both of these products are great and I highly recommend them.

Step 2: Exfoliating

Step 2


How many times have you heard to exfoliate only once or twice a week? What if I were to tell you that the secret to my acne disappearing was because I did it almost every day? You’re all probably thinking my skin is going to break sooner than later, but that’s not the case. When I got my second facial ever, the lady was shocked when I told her exfoliating wasn’t a big part of my routine. She told me something that I want to share with everyone who has acne. When having acne, your skin needs deeper exfoliation and cleansing than others. Just using your hands to rub cleanser into your skin, will not make a difference in the long run. So, gently exfoliating almost every day will get the gunk out of your skin way quicker. IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not exfoliate my whole face every day, I only exfoliate my tea zone area and around the places I have my acne. This fact is the reason why my skin has become so clear. I enjoy using the Bioré Charcoal or Baking Soda exfoliator. I also use the Origins exfoliator, however, this one is very strong and should only be used only once or twice a week all over the face (as said by the employee working at the store). The Origins product gives your face an instant clean and leaves your face baby butt smooth.

Step 3: Toning

Step 3

Clinque Clarifying Lotion 4

My toners are the most flexible products in my skincare routine, and I am still experimenting with them. However, my absolute favorite and the only I recommend is the Clinique toner. This toner is great for acne prone skin as it’s strong and stops redness in a couple days. What I find very cool about this product is that I actually see the dirt coming off my skin on the cotton pad after toner application. To me, this shows how well this toner does its job to close my pores and fill them with goodness. This products comes in 4 types of formulas for every skin type. Look into this product and see if you like it!

Step 4: Moisturizing



Moisturizing, the last yet one of the most important steps. It’s also another flexible product in my routine. Recently, the Origins moisturizer is my favorite. It leaves my skin very moisturized, isn’t thick, and also gives my skin a glowy finish. I enjoy how Origins creates products full of natural ingredients. With that being said, it is quite pricey. A good duplicate would be Cosrx Natural BHA Skin Returning Emulsion. It’s a good product; however, it’s very light so you’ll need to apply about 4 pumps. Personally, I think the Origins moisturizer is definitely worth your money!

Step 5: Masks / Extra Products I Use


FaceToryBioré Pore Strips

Now, this step is equally as important. Every time I get a pimple, I like to use this French spot treatment medication called Erythrogel. Simply place it on your pimple and overnight the redness is gone! I haven’t been able to find this product in the US, but I know it’s much much more expensive here. If there are any French readers out there, talk to your doctor and see what they have to say! In addition to this, I like to use masks twice a week (Wednesdays and Sundays) to give my skin a little fix and relaxation during the chaos of work and school. FaceTory is a great mask subscription that sends you 7 or 4 masks per months for a really great price. All their masks are unique and help your skin in different ways. Some help your skin glow, remove wrinkles, moisturize, stop acne, you have it all. Every Sunday I also enjoy doing a Bioré nose strip to keep my pores in check. Although this step is optional, it is a staple in my skin routine.

Extra tips:

* Always do your research before purchasing a product. Check the reviews and see if people with a similar type of skin enjoyed it. Even do your research on these products I’m talking about.

*Get some sun and wear sunscreen. The sun has really helped my skin. On my trip to Mexico, I had a couple pimples on my forehead. After days in the sun, they were gone. I believe this was because I was lacking some vitamin D. Of course, apply your sunscreen and be safe; however, a little vitamin D can’t hurt.

So there you have it! This article is everything I’ve done in the past few months to truly improve my skin. My skin still isn’t perfect, it still gets acne during that time of the month and I still suffer from acne scars, but every day it’s getting better and better. If you struggle with acne and feel insecure about it, know that you are not alone and don’t focus on it so much. You’re doing your best to improve your skin and that’s all that matters. Plus, in a few years, you’re chance of still having acne is low. We are all beautiful, with and without acne. I hope you all enjoyed my first ever article, subscribe if want a notification every time I post. See you all very soon.



2 thoughts on “How I Cleared My Face Without Spending Hundreds of Dollars.

  1. Hi Clara! I’m new to blogging and saw your blog on the discover section. I totally understand the whole bad skin fiasco, my skin was really awful in my teens and has only recently started to get better. I still get the occasional hormonal spot, but overall it’s so much better – it’s probably an age thing. I got a couple of chemical peels on my face which really made a difference, they’re kind of pricey though and I was fortunate enough to be able to afford them. Chemical peels are great for acne scarring as well. I also found the contraceptive pill made a huge difference to my skin! Have you ever tried rosehip oil or grapeseed oil? Found both of those really fab. Can’t wait to read more from you😃

    Keira xo


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