Lets Chit Chat: My First Time Thrift Shopping!

Hey guys, it’s Clara here! So today I went thrift shopping for the first time. I’ve seen many girls on YouYube find great clothes from expensive brands and I decided that today would be the day I would step foot in a goodwill and see if I could find any goodies.

The Goodwill looked like any other would look like, very big and full of clothes. It was almost overwhelming at first because I didn’t know where to start looking. There were so many patterns and so many styles, it was… shocking. I don’t know about your thrift stores but mine was full of colorful floral patterns that your grandma would love for you to wear.

I did find good pairs of jeans, and I was excited when I saw a pair of Levi’s. I also found a pair from my favorite brand and I was super excited about this one because the one I purchased was from Urban Outfitters for about $50. However, when trying them on, they were either too big or too small. I struggled to find my size because on many jeans it didn’t say. Then, I proceeded to look in the men’s section for shirts. This was not a good idea because I am already small so those massive t-shirts would have made me look even smaller lmao. In the end, I had found a couple of bottoms such as skirts, shorts, and jeans, and I also found a silk baby blue blouse. I’ve been wanting one for so long and Victoria Secret sells them for about $40-50. This blouse was 100% silk and was probably the smoothest material I’ve ever felt.

The blue blouse and how I styled it!

When I came out of the thrift store, I only left with the baby blue blouse. I was okay with this because I know I’ll be going back soon. The blouse was $5.30 in total and it was absolutely worth it. I think I’m going to wear it everywhere because you can dress it up or sleep with it. So that’s for this little chit-chat, I’m hoping to maybe make a thrift store haul once I have enough clothing purchased.

Let me know in the comments on your tips and tricks for thrifting! I’ll be sure to use them when I go back soon!

Gros Bisous,


9 thoughts on “Lets Chit Chat: My First Time Thrift Shopping!

    1. Thank you! I was happy when I saw your blog because it’s good to find someone around the same age as me and that posts similar content. 🙂

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  1. Hey clara! I absolutely loved this thrift with me Post (even though you only found one thing!) I really want to try out this sorta post now that you have inspired me! You have such great style and I love what you post about!
    Ella x

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  2. hey!!! Honestly speaking I have always wanted to go thrift shopping but never got the chance too……reading your review just made me want to grab a bag and go right now!!


    1. You should go and try it! It can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning but if you take your time, you can find amazing things 🙂 ❤️


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