Let’s Chit-Chat: My Little Trip To the Florida Keys – the Good and the Bad.

Good morning everyone! How has your day been going? Today I wanted to talk about my trip to the Florida Keys. If you don’t know what the Florida Keys are, they are little islands full of beautiful beaches and landscapes. This trip was definitely one I won’t forget as there was some good moments and some bad moments!

first pic.jpg

Our trip started at 9:30 am after we picked up my friend from her house. We drove for about an hour and to spend the time, we watched MamaMia and caught up on conversations. Once we arrived, it was about 11 am. The beach was beautiful, quiet, and extremely relaxing. The sand was so soft it felt like we were walking on clouds and the ocean was so clear we could see everything in the water. After a nice little swim, we had a lunch filled with seafood! Since the Keys is filled with oceans and fishermen, you can expect the seafood to be fresh and delicious. Soon after, my friend and I decided to do something we had never done before, paddleboarding. The instructor told us everything we needed to know and we got on the board. I was one standing up and controlling the board, and my friend sat down and enjoyed the view. As we got further from the shore, I realized how relaxing it was at sea. There was no more noise from the shore and all you heard was the sound of little waves hitting the board. It was so peaceful and serene. All of a sudden that changed. My friend and I decided to stop and just swim for a while. Keep in mind that while we were somewhat far from shore, other paddleboarders and boats were around us. However, the moment my friend got in the water, she informed me that her leg felt numb and was stinging. We instantly got out of the water and we quickly realized she was stung by a jellyfish. Ahhh!!! So we headed back to the shore to talk to the instructor and he told us to put ointment on it. He informed us that luckily it was just one or two tentacles that had touched her leg because it would’ve been much worse if she had gotten stuck in a school of them. My leg at one point also stang a bit but I saw no scars so I just forgot about it (Now that of it, I think I got stung too because this morning I did see scars).

Paddleboarding for the first time!

After a while, we got back on our paddleboard and just took the view in. Once the one hour of paddleboarding was over, the clouds were getting dark and thunder could be heard from far so we took our car, blasted some good music, and visited a cute little boutique. By then it was around 6 pm so we all got back in our car to go to dinner. Dinner was delicious as well. It was on the ocean with a beautiful sunset view.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

It was a little disappointing that there were so many clouds because it wasn’t as colorful as it would’ve been without them. However, we still got cute pictures and ate some good key lime pie. After dinner, it was time to head back home. We dropped off my friend and once we got home, my parents and I fell asleep.

second pic.jpg

Overall, it was a very good day. I, myself enjoyed the paddleboarding; however, now I know to be careful when swimming far out. The food was delicious and it was great catching up with my friend. If anyone is thinking about taking a trip to Florida, I highly recommend visiting the Keys! Have you ever been, and if so how was your experience?

I love you all very much, I’ll see you soon! Feel free to leave comments about how your day was! I love talking and responding to all of you!

Gros Bisous,

Clara ❤️


4 thoughts on “Let’s Chit-Chat: My Little Trip To the Florida Keys – the Good and the Bad.

  1. These photos are beautiful! Hope your friend will be okay – I heard the jellfish can be quite a pain.
    My day was actually so relaxing – first one in a long time. I went to the beach with my family and a friend and we had a blast!xx
    *So happy to discover your blog – looks beautiful!xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! What’s funny is that we were only in the water for about three minutes 😂 I’m glad you had a relaxing day and it was also great discovering your blog ❤️


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