My Great Grandmother’s Recipe For Perfect French Toast.

As a French native living in the US, it is safe to say I don’t like the American version of French toast. I find the bread to be often covered in too much cinnamon, thick, and heavy to digest. However, my dad’s French toast has always been my favorite thing to wake up to. Perfect texture, warm and sugary sweet. My dad shared how he made them and told me that this was something his grandmother made all the time for him. Today, I’m going to teach you my great grandmother’s recipe on how to make the perfect French toast.


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French toast in French is called “pain perdu.” This translates to lost bread. It’s called this because people did not want to waste bread that was old and stale, and by adding eggs and milk, the bread would regain its moister and would be good as new. People began adding sugar to make this a delicious breakfast treat. The recipe is very simple and easy to do at home! Do this for your family and they will love you forever. 😉

Here is what you will need:

  • Bread
  • Butter
  • 2 Eggs
  • Large Bowl
  • 4 Cups of Milk
  • Sugar

*My dad was kind enough to make little videos to help you when making this recipe! Click the images and it will send you to the links! 🙂 *

Step 1:

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Click picture for step 1 video tutorial!


Crack the two eggs into the bowl. Then, add the cups of milk and mix everything together. Start cutting your bread into slices. Once done, dip the bread into the egg and milk mixture. Make sure to have a plate for the coated pieces of bread.




Step 2: 

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Click picture for step 2 tutorial!




Heat up a pan and grease it with a slice of butter. Once the butter is fully melted and sizzling, start placing the bread into the pan. Grab a spatula and check if the bottom side of the piece is golden brown, after it is, flip it to the other side.







Now that the bread is finished, sprinkle some sugar and voilà!


(Thanks dad for making the flowers look like they were floating!😂 ❤️)

I hoped you all enjoyed this yummy post! I highly recommend you try this recipe out, it’s absolutely delicious and easy to make! In the comments, let me know some blog post ideas you would like to see me do! I love talking and responding to all of you! See you soon.

Gros Bisous,

Clara ❤️

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