Instagram Aesthetics: A Lookbook

Hi loves! As many already know. Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms where people get to interact with others. Over the years, it’s become more than keeping in touch with friends. It has turned into a stage where people can be themselves and express their creativity. One of my favorite things about Instagram is the diversity of styles. One profile will be super artistic, while the next can be super dark and gothic. Everyone has a little community on this platform where they can meet and be with others like them.

In today’s post, I really wanted to recreate the aesthetic, typical styles you would find on Instagram. I tried my best to style the outfits the ways I saw others do. I hope you all enjoy and let me know in the comments what aesthetic you mostly connect with!

*Some of the pictures in the collages are not mine, credit goes to their rightful owners.*

Without further ado, let’s hop in! ♡



This aesthetic is probably one of the most popular aesthetics right now. It’s mostly made out of lovers of yellow, paintings, kankens, and sunflowers. This was likely the easiest look to create as I actually really enjoy this style. This look consists of a yellow sweater (pacsun), ripped mom jeans (pacsun), and some checkered Vans. Not only is this a super cute outfit, but it’s also really comfortable.

Pastel Princess:


This aesthetic I’ve seen multiple times on all platforms and was curious enough to try it out. It’s essentially pastel and girly everything! Now, I don’t have many things in my closet that would fit this style; however, I did have a super cute and pink floral dress from Forever 21. The dress is very comfortable and very flowy. It fit the look perfectly.



When I think of basic, I think of Brandy Melville and summer. This style is the one I  enjoy wearing the most because of the simplicity of the outfit. I like the basic fashion because the goal is to make cute outfits out of plain shorts and shirts. Since I live in an area where it’s hot all year, outfits like this are perfect. I wore some denim shorts from Urban Outfitters and a white crop top from Delia Collections. I incorporated my checkered vans again to give the outfit some flash to it.



I found the witches community on Instagram about a year ago, and ever since, I’ve been fascinated by it. Not only are their pictures beautiful, but also what they believe in is remarkably interesting. I styled an all-black outfit: a cute skirt (being sold on my depop: claraduthoit) and a little-ruffled crop top. Although it isn’t shown in the picture, I paired the outfit with little black wedges. For accessories, I wore a crystal necklace and used my own crystals for the pictures. This isn’t what I typically wear, but it was fun to try a new style.



Also a very common one, the “baddie look” surfaced last year and has been a hit ever since. It’s a look many adore and try to recreate and it’s actually very easy. For this look, I tried to incorporate some bright colors with a little casual, sporty vibe. I paired high-waisted black shorts (being sold on my depop: claraduthoit) with an oversized, bright red top from PrettyLittleThings. I completed the outfit with Vans and a pair of sunnies. After that, I waited for good lighting and went out to take some pictures!

Well, everyone, that’s it for this week’s post! I had so much fun recreating these looks, and I loved getting to try out different styles. Remember to make sure to leave me a comment about what type of aesthetic do you most connect with! If you would like to follow me on my Instagram, my username is @claraxmariana. Love you all, see you soon.♡

Gros Bisous,


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