Review: How FaceTory Helped Clear My Skin

Good afternoon everyone! Today I want to talk about a product that has transformed and improved my skin.

IMG_1083.JPGOne of my very first post on this blog was how I cleared my skin in a couple of months. While all those products mentioned were drastically enhancing my skin everyday, one thing in particular helped quicken my process to clearer skin.

You may be asking yourself, what is this product you’re talking about?

Well, it’s FaceTory. Facetory is a Korean mask subscription box that picks out 4-7 masks for you every month. They cater to every skin type and help with all types of skin issues. If you struggle with acne all the way to anti-wrinkle and hyperpigmentation, they likely have a mask for you. They now even have boxes made for your skin type!

My Review:


I’ve been using FaceTory for six months now, and all I can say is that they have never disappointed me or my skin. Their masks are so unique and I’m always excited to see what I get every month! Also, putting a mask on during the week is the perfect addition to my self-care routine to calm my body down and soothe my skin.

As a teenager, what I love the most about this subscription is how cheap it is. For 4 masks you pay $5 plus shipping, and for 7 masks you pay $15. Altogether, you get your money’s worth as the masks equal the amount you paid. Many of us don’t have the budget for expensive products and FaceTory kills two birds with one stone: you save money and get better skin.

If any of you are interested, I have a discount code for you to use on your first subscription purchase.  Use my code “connecttogether20” for 20% off! Trust me, you won’t regret it! Here’s my link so you can access the website quicker: Click Me!

That’s it for this week’s post! I hoped you all enjoyed this little review and take the time to look at their website. Let me know in the comments what is your favorite beauty product and why? I’ll see you all soon.

Gros Bisous,

Clara ♡

5 thoughts on “Review: How FaceTory Helped Clear My Skin

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of FaceTory before. But they do sound like skin witches. I’m SO going to check out their subscriptions now. Thank you so much for an amazing recommendation. I hope you have a wonderful week xxx ❤

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