Outfits From My Mom’s Wardrobe: A Lookbook

Hello everyone, I hope you all had an amazing weekend!

For this week’s post, I really wanted to something pertaining to my mom’s clothes. Now you’re probably wondering, “Clara, why?” Well…not to be biased or anything, but I genuinely think my mom has the prettiest clothes. She can pull off some things that look super weird on the rack and then make it look super good. mom.png


For a while, I’ve been wanting to take a peek into her closet, and finally, this week I was able to. There was soooo much to pick from, I felt overwhelmed. With her help, I picked a couple of shirts, accessories, and a pair of pants, and styled three, super cute outfits.

Without further ado, here are the final outfits! ♡

Outfit #1: Trendy Baggy Pants


When I first saw these pants, I instantly thought of those really trendy I.AM.GIA cargo pants. The ends were a lot puffier than I thought, but I was able to make it work but just tightening them. I paired these pants with a little crop top from Garage and some Vans. I think this definitely made the outfit look a lot more trendy and fit the “Instagram Style”!

Outfit #2: Frenchie

Stripes & Cat

One thing you should know about my family is that we absolutely adore cats. So, I wasn’t surprised to see this in mom’s closet. Not only was it super cute, but it was also really soft and the red stripes made the outfit look super chic. For this look, I just paired my American Apparel shorts and some Converse. I also added a little beret just for fun as it matched so well with the striped. Overall, such a cute little outfit that I would definitely wear again!

Outfit #3: Denim Jacket, Belt, and Off The Shoulder Top


For the last outfit, I wanted something a little bit more formal. I paired some black Levi’s and boots with my mom’s denim jacket, blue off the shoulder top, and a really nice belt. I love the simplicity of this outfit and how it looks really put together. It’s an outfit I can see myself wearing!

That’s it for this week’s blog post, thank you so much for reading! Let me know in the comments what your favorite outfit of the three was! These last few weeks have been very busy at school so I haven’t had time to post, but now I’m back full force! I’m super excited about the content I have prepared as it’s things I’m really proud of. I’ll see you all very soon!

Gros Bisous,


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