Clara’s Coffee Talk: Make Easy Money as a Teenager with Depop (My Tips & Tricks) + My Own Boutique!

Let’s be real here, making money as a teenager can be really hard because most of us aren’t able to get a job. When we were kids, we were told to do lemonade stands or maybe sell some stickers at school (without trying to get by the teachers, of course). Let’s be honest, how much money did we really get out of those long hours wasted in the hot sun?

As I’m now much more interested in fashion and beauty, I always find myself running short on cash. When I started hearing people mention this trendy app called Depop, I thought I would try it out. Thank God I did.

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“With the money I made from selling on Depop I was able to purchase the Apple Airpods.”

Depop is an amazing selling app because they give you so much freedom. You pick shipping, there are inexpensive, adorable items, and it’s like having your own little business. To give you some perspective, with the money I made from selling on Depop I was able to purchase the Apple Airpods. Yup, straight out of my own pocket. Not only does it feel nice to make some money without having to beg your parents, but I also love the business aspect of it. I get to go to thrift stores and find clothes I think people would enjoy. Plus, running my own business is a future goal of mine, so this is a perfect place to start. If this all sounds interesting to you, then keep reading because I’m about to show you the ways to selling efficiently and easily on Depop.

#1 – Have Stunning Pictures

I always compare Depop to being a social media platform because if you don’t have nice pictures, your items won’t sell. Imagine this, you’re looking for a black crop top so you go looking through its hashtag. Which picture catches your eye, the one with the somewhat good lighting and only has one picture, or the one with a nice background, multiple photos and you can clearly see the item? Here’s the thing, you don’t need a bold colored background and invest hundreds of dollars in equipment. Here are three key things you need:


A. Lighting – This way customers can clearly see your items. A great way to tell if you have good lighting is by making sure that all colors look the same on camera as they do in reality.

B. Multiple Pictures – Take pictures from the front, back, side and show proof of the brand and size.

C. Pose & Style – Pose as if you were taking an Instagram picture and style the item so that the customers can start envisioning how the item will look like on them.

#2 – A Descriptive Description

Descriptions (1)

Descriptions are like the convincing essays we have to write in English class. You need to convince people that your item needs to be in their closet. However, never lie! Descriptions are the perfect place to get all the important information about the item. Include the brand, size, measurings, and your store policies that way there won’t be any discrepancies. I highly recommend giving tips to how to style the item and being as descriptive as possible.

#3 – Be Realistic with Your Prices


  • How much did it originally retail for?
  • How used is it?
  • Are there any stains?
  • How much would I pay for this shirt?
  • Are other people selling this shirt, and what are their prices?
  • Is there free shipping, if not, what will the customer pay in total?

People often mess up with their prices, it’s either way too high or too low. Sometimes, I’ll be scrolling through Depop and I’ll see a used shirt being sold for its original price. Never sell your used items for their retail prices!! One of the best ways to find the perfect price is to answer those six questions above. Be sure to check if others are selling the same shirt and see what the competitive price is. It’s also important to ask yourself if you would be willing to pay your selected amount for that item.

Some Other Quick Tips:

  1. Let people know what you’re selling. Is it thrifted, your own brand, or just clothes out of your wardrobe?
  2. Always be kind and professional, if someone has an issue with your item work together to solve it.
  3. Never be too pushy on people to purchase your items.
  4. A great way to make your customers extra happy is by putting some extra goodies in the package such as candy and some nice packaging.

Depop has shown me how much I love incorporating fashion and business. Because of this, I’ve decided to open my own boutique on Red Bubble called “AngelicSouls.” I sell all types of aesthetically pleasing patterns that are perfect for those Instagram pictures. Even in real life, all your friends will be wondering where you got your super cute items from. I love everything from the stickers to the shirts. If you end up purchasing and taking a picture with your item, you’ll be featured on my Instagram! Prices start at around $3. Click Me! 

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Voila! Now, your boutique should be open for business! Those are my three main tips for being a successful seller on Depop. Remember that when you start it may be slow, but the more constant you are with your posts, the more people will be attracted to your boutique. If you have any more questions feel free to ask about anything and everything in the comments. I love you all very much and I’ll see you next week!

My Socials:

Depop: @ClaraDuthoit    Instagram   Red Bubble


12 thoughts on “Clara’s Coffee Talk: Make Easy Money as a Teenager with Depop (My Tips & Tricks) + My Own Boutique!

  1. Hell yes, girl, we stan an entrepreneurial queen! I remember using Depop a lot when I was younger and it’s a great way to earn cash – your tips are brilliant too, especially about taking good photos. I was always really lazy with mine lol xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thanks so much for the tips Clara! I’ve started on depop and honestly, I’ve been too lazy with it. I put my photos up without much care at all, and I’m sure that’s reflecting in my small amount of sales! I’ll definitely change this though. It’s worth it!

    Congratulations on your business too! that’s awesome (:

    Liked by 1 person

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