A Letter To All Uninspired Bloggers

Hi friends! ♡

It’s been a while since I’ve made a more serious post, but I really wanted to express myself on this topic! I think that more than once in our blogging lives, we’ve probably felt exhausted, had a writing block, forced out creativity, and maybe even felt some jealousy of other’s blogs. Left and right, we’re always posting content and that can be overwhelming! Let me tell you now, that this feeling is not something to be ashamed about, it’s quite natural and should be taken as a path to grow as a writer.

Though I’m quite new to blogging, I have felt some certain pressures as to what I feel some people would want to see and if my content is even readable. I find that the more I dwell on trying to force out my creativity, the less and less I actually become. It’s a very frustrating feeling, and I didn’t even realize what I was doing until I realized that my blog doesn’t look the way I imagined it to be. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything I’ve done and I’m very proud of myself… it’s just my content isn’t where I want it to be.

Like I’ve said before, it’s perfectly and naturally okay to feel like this, and I want us to go on a beautiful, creative journey where we all grow together!

If you are a blogger out there, no matter how big or small I think it’s important to take a second and ask if you truly love your content. Ask yourself, is this really the content I want to write about? If you answer yes, well I’m very proud of you, my friend! But if you answered no, I want to share with you some tips about how to regain your inspiration.

This month, I challenge all of you to step back and get back on the path to making content for YOU! Stop worrying about numbers and focus on what you truly love.

  1. LEARN TO WRITE FREELY – I’m actually doing this at this very moment as I’m writing this blog post. Right now, take out your phone, journal, or computer and just start writing about anything and everything. Write about a topic you’ve always wanted to talk about, write a story, literally anything that makes you content with your content (aha see what I did there… I should stop right now.)yoop
  2. GET YOUR INSPIRATION BACK- If this means taking a little break, do it. If it only means sitting down and just writing more ideas, do that too. For me, I’ve been scrolling through Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, and other’s blogs. I like to get ideas from everything I see and turn it into something unique and special to my style.large (6).png
  3. DROP THOSE FILTERS AND BE YOU SWEETIE-  Ever seen that vine with the man that holds up all the posts that say “love yourself, express yourself?” WELL, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT IM SAYING! Maybe you don’t resonate with your content, because it’s not really you that’s writing. Sometimes I don’t even realize that I have my filters up, and it can be really hard to take them down. But once you learn to do that, I think that that’s when your blog will become a more accurate representation of yourself and what you stand for.

These may only be three little tips, but I think it may help to get you back to what you want to do. Remember, all things take time and this most definitely will! However, I promise that the more motivated you are to change, change will happen! This is where my letter ends and I hope I, at least, helped one of you.

Please feel free to leave a comment expressing yourself on this topic, so we can all have a discussion about this! Let’s all grow and help each other!

I love you all so so so much and be on the lookout for more content soon! Bye, Bye!

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25 thoughts on “A Letter To All Uninspired Bloggers

  1. I totally agree. For me with all of these big bloggers and Youtubers it can be hard to not want their success. With social media we see all of these people who have so many followers and all we want is to be like them! That’s something I struggle with when blogging is making sure I am being my own self and not writing things I know people like because others have already written them. I love that you said forget the filter because it’s something I think we all need to do!! Thanks for writing this🧡

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    1. Totally agree, seeing big influencers can definitely be an inspiration but also a discouragement. That’s why it’s so important to be yourself that why you’ll always be happy with your art. I’m happy you enjoyed, and thank you for reading! ♥


  2. I loved this!
    I felt that way for quite some time now and I’m slowly finding my way back. I’m surely not here yet, but I’m excited for what is coming and stop wondering what people I know in my life think about it.
    Thank you for this post. xx

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    1. I agree, it can be a slow process to gain back our inspiration and motivation, I’m also taking things step by step. I’m glad you got something out of this post, thank you for reading! ♥

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, blogging blocks can be so difficult to overcome, which is why it’s important to take things step by step. Inspiration from other blogs and social media has definitely helped me get back on my feet quicker! I’m happy you enjoyed and thank you for reading! ♥


  3. thank you for writing about this, I feel like every blogger could use a little of this motivation! for me what hapoens is that i always get ideas/inspiration when i’m very, VERY busy with super important stuff, so i tend to ‘store’ that idea. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, I’m glad you my post! Writing authentically is so much harder to do than it may seem because of the feeling people might not like what you write. It can be hard to stop thinking and start writing from the heart, but I think it slowly comes the more you’re honest with yourself. Have a nice day, love ♥️

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