My First Time Bujo Journaling + My Messy December Spreads

Hello friends! 

Oh boy, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. This week has been so hectic, I didn’t even have time to do anything but study. But now that it’s the weekend and things are calming down, I plan on writing as much as possible!

In November, I felt very inspired by the blogger community to start bujo journaling. I really love how you can be creative and organized at the same time. 

So after a couple days of purchasing some beginner’s supplies and looking at Pinterest spreads, I started my bujo experience on November 24th. I absolutely enjoyed the whole process of creating all my spreads. It was actually quite relaxing because it felt nice to be able to put everything in this journal. 

However, after creating the first two pages and feeling great about everything, things kinda started getting imperfect. oof. When I finished the third page, I soon realized that my markers bleed incredibly! I was quite confuzzled and worried when I saw this because there was no absolute way that I could fix this issue. Also, I, again, realized that my calligraphy skills are AWFUL.  As you’ll see, I had some misplacing issues, smudging issues, and sometimes even spelling issues. 

But, without further a do, here are my December spreads! All credit goes to Pinterest, as I found most of my inspiration there. ♡ 

Here is my December title page! I really wanted something that was more on the simple side and that wouldn’t take hours to make, so I decided to go with this. 

This page is where my monthly goals will go. In addition, I really wanted to become more creative this month, so I decided to draw in the boxes to describe what happened that specific day. That way, I can look back on memories!

After, you have my habit trackers and my gratitude spread.  This month my four main four habits were to work more on my Korean, drawings, reading, and studying. Sadly, this week I didn’t have much time to do most of those things which explains the blank slots. 

Next is my Christmas countdown and playlist. The countdown was created to get myself excited as the days get closer to Christmas! The playlist spread is where all my favorite Christmas music will be. 

As you can see, these are my weekly spreads. I love them so much, I think that the simple box design makes things more organized for me. 

So that’s it for my December spreads! As you can see, I was trying my best to experiment with all types of writings and fonts because I wasn’t so sure what I wanted my style to look like. As time goes on, my skills will get better and better (I sure hope quickly though). I still am proud of everything I did and I know that this journal will motivate me to achieve my monthly, annually, and weekly goals. If anyone here has any tips for beginning “bujo journalers” please let me know in the comments as I would greatly appreciate it.

I’ll see you guys very soon!

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15 thoughts on “My First Time Bujo Journaling + My Messy December Spreads

    1. Thank you! Honestly, Pinterest is so helpful for art inspiration. I found some nice spreads and decided to make them my own! Thanks for reading ♥️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And same, when I first started I kept wanting to perfecting everything! I think calligraphy skills come with practice honestly aha. Thanks for reading, Claire ♥


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