A Travel Diary: Chilly Shopping Day in France

The day was Saturday, December 22.

The day before, I finally arrived in France after nine hours of a long, tiring flight. Although I was still feeling quite tired, my grandmother and I decided to spend the afternoon in town and do a little shopping. So we got dressed in our warmest, coziest clothes and headed out.

It was about 52°F outside (11°C). The moment my grandma and I walked outside, we felt chilly air running through our hair and our cheeks started tingling and reddening. After a couple minutes of walking, we decided to take the bus for a quicker route.

When we finally got to the town square, the grand ferris wheel was in sight. My grandma told me she’s been wanting to go on it for so long as many of her friends are too scared to up with her. The first minutes going up I grabbed the pole as tight as I could because I forgot how I was afraid of heights. But after some time, I got used to it and took pictures of the beautiful view. I also took some candids and selfies with my grandma.

france 1 (1).png

After the fun ride, we walked to Brandy Melville, a store that I love but can’t find anywhere near where I live. The store is quite small so it often gets crowded quickly. I found two really cute tops (I wore one for Christmas), some jewelry, and a belt.

Brandy Melville

Right down the small alley of old, vintage-looking shops is a very modernized Starbucks. Because we had been walking for a while now, we thought it would be nice to stop for a small cup of coffee. Before we continue with the story, I want to appreciate this Starbucks for still having my favorite drink, the Pumpkin Spice Latte. However, just after ordering we heard loud noises coming from outside.


It looked like the yellow vests protesters, a movement protesting the increase of gas taxes and the president were passing by the shops. As the protest began getting violent in Paris, the ladies working at Starbucks instantly placed protections on the windows. Though they weren’t violent towards us, they threw some petards that exploded which definitely scared me.

yellow vests.png

For our last shopping adventure of the day, we visited a German-based shop filled with gadgets and games of all sorts. Everything is really cheap and adorable, so there’s so much temptation to purchase everything.

last adventure.png

Overall, that day was very fun. It was extremely nice revisiting that town square and seeing all my favorite shops. I hope you all enjoyed this little blog about my day. I really enjoyed writing this and I definitely want to write more posts like this.

I also want to apologize because it feels like I haven’t posted in a really long time! I’ve been busy with the holiday season and was focusing more on spending time with my family. However, I have big plans for the new year and am preparing many blog posts as you’re reading this. Anyways, I hope you all have an amazing day and I’ll see you very soon.

Until then!

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