Coffee Chats: Eyebrow Makeover at Benefit + 200 Readers!

Hello friends!

Today, I just wanted to write a chill post, explaining to you guys some cool things that happened in the last two weeks: I got my brows done for the very first time and I reached 200 readers on WordPress! I’m so grateful for everyone reading and commenting on my posts. Blogging was something I was so excited about starting and the fact that people actually read and like what I do makes me extremely happy.  I love you all!

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To continue, last Wednesday I got my eyebrows done for the very first time at Ulta! I was so excited to finally fix up my bushy eyebrows and have them look clean and pretty. With that said, I booked an appointment at the Benefit Brow Bar booth and made my way over that afternoon.

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When we got there, the lady sat me down and asked me what type of brow shape I was going for. I told her I wanted them to look natural, but I also wanted some more definition. In addition, I felt like my brows were different shapes, so I asked if it was possible to make them evener. With a brow pencil, she began mapping out my eyebrows to know which parts she would wax. She made me feel super comfortable, talking me through the whole process.

The next step was the most nerve-wracking, the wax. However, it honestly wasn’t that bad. The best way to describe the feeling is it’s like ripping off a strong band-aid. The only part where is actually hurt was under the eyebrow. The process was extremely quick, and before I knew it, she was finished.

Untitled (1).png

Then, she showed me how they looked. I loved them! It wasn’t a grand change, but they were exactly what I was picturing in my head. To finish everything off, she put some alcohol and toner to calm down my sensitive skin and filled them with some of Benefit’s brow makeup. Then we were done!

The Outcome! Clean, cut, and shaped!

If you’re thinking about getting your brows done, I highly recommend the Benefit Brow Bar. They make you feel super comfortable and at ease throughout the whole process. They guide you each step and don’t begin to wax without your approval. Altogether, the price was $26 dollars (tip included). They’re located in most Ulta’s and Macy’s!

I hoped you all enjoyed this chill and short blog post, and if you’d like more posts like this please let me know! I’d also love to collaborate on posts with other bloggers. If you’re interested, leave me a comment so we talk! I’ll see you all next week!

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