Fashion Formulas: How to Style Minimal & Chic Outfits

Hello friends!

Today I wanted to start a new little series on my blog about how to style certain types of outfits in very easy ways! With some quick and easy fashion formulas, you’ll be able to make the cutest, effortless summer outfits. Typically in the summer, it gets super hot you really just don’t want to wear anything nice because you know you’re going to be sweating 30 seconds after you step outside. But, I’m here to help! I’ll be showing you guys some simple pieces to mix and match that will end up making your outfits look put together (and you’ll likely be sweat-free). So let’s get right into it!

Simple + Pattern

Untitled copy (6)Untitled copy copy

This is my favorite formula for making outfits look more put together. I especially love patterns like stripes, floral, and cheetah/leopard print in the summer. Worn with a simple white top really makes the outfit look effortless. I would definitely recommend you start filling your closet with the basic colored tops because they’re perfect with literally everything!

Simple + Denim

Untitled copy copy copy

Untitled copy copy (1)

Another way to make effortless summer outfits is to pair a simple top with some denim shorts. This will ultimately simplify the outfit, but hey, who doesn’t have those comfy, casual days! I personally enjoy adding bright colors and flowy textured tops to give more oomph to the outfits.

Flowy Dresses & Rompers

Untitled copy copy copy copy (1)Untitled copy copy copy (1)

If you live in a very hot and humid place (aka like me) you should know that skintight outfits really make you sweat and uncomfortable. So for comfy outfits, I love wearing dresses and rompers because they’re so simple to style and they always give you space to let air pass through.


Untitled copy copy copy copy.png

If you feel like your outfit looks too simple, your best bet is to layer on with accessories. My go-to is gold jewelry. It dresses up every outfit and makes it look like you spent a lot of time on your outfits when, in reality, you only spent 5 minutes on it. Belts are great because they can give your outfit more depth, and bags that match will really complete your look.

Well, I think that’s it for this post! I really enjoyed writing this post as I feel like this represents my everyday style. My wardrobe is always full of basics so I can have a lot of options and can diversify my outfits (when I’m not binging the office for days straight in sweatpants of course!) If you have additional tips on styling summer outfits you would like to add, feel free to leave a comment! I love reading and connecting with all of you!

Until next week,


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