The Simplest & Cutest Quarantine Fits

Hello & welcome back cuties!

My goodness, it’s been so so so long since I’ve had the chance to sit down and write freely. For those who aren’t aware, my last post was in August and life got extra crazy right after. I’m in my junior year of high school so I was essentially bombarded with assignments, college planning, and test prep. It stopped a lot of hobbies I used to do and love, such as blogging, but now that quarantine has been going on, I’ve decided to make use of the time I have with things I had to previously stop doing. I have so many ideas that I’m so excited that I can officially make time for and focus on and I’m eager to share it with all of you!

The very first blog post from my blogging recession, aka this one, is all about cute quarantine outfits. Now, I (and hopefully you too!) haven’t left my house in a while so I haven’t gotten properly dressed. One way that I like to keep myself sane during these times is to keep up the usual routine I would have if I were still going to school. This means that I like to take the time to do my skincare routine and get dressed.

If you’re out of outfit ideas or are just tired of wearing the same thing for the last couple days, today I’ll be showing you some comfortable quarantine outfits that look super cute and stylish. The goal here was to be as comfortable as possible while still not looking like you got out of bed.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Outfit Idea #1: Sweatpants + Nice Top

Fit #1

Alright, so this is definitely a combo I wear the majority of time during the quarantine. Essentially, you can’t go wrong with a cute crop top and some basic sweatpants. You layer some cute necklaces, put on an ankle bracelet, add a little scrunchy and boom, you got yourself a basic instagramable outfit.

Top & Sweatpants: Brandy Melville / Necklace: Francesca’s

Outfit Idea #2: Mom Jeans + Cardigan

Fit #2

My go-to after sweatpants are mom jeans. They’re always my first choice if I need to be somewhere and don’t have the time to get fully ready (or if I really don’t want to wear skinny jeans, if you know what I mean).  In fact, this outfit was what I wore on the first day of zoom class and told myself I wasn’t going to be sitting in my pajamas every day of the quarantine. I paired the jeans with a simple crop top and the softest, fluffiest cardigan I own and voila, a stylish comfy outfit you can still wear around the house.

Top: Brandy Melville / Mom Jeans: Pacsun / Cardigan: Express

Outfit Idea #3: Shorts + Cropped Sweater

Fit #4

I love this outfit so much because of its simplicity. These shorts are mom-styled so they’re super comfortable to wear and don’t feel tight around the thighs or the waist. Then, I paired it with a white cropped sweater that fits very well on arms and styled it with a dainty necklace. If you want to add some additional details, pair the outfit with some funky socks! Very easy to recopy and style however you’d like.

Sweater: Forever 21 / Shorts: Princess Polly

Outfit Idea #4: Skirt + Sweater

Fit #3

Okay, this outfit is definitely the most dressed up one of all the outfit ideas, but notice how it’s literally just a flowy skirt and an oversized sweater? If you have any patterned bottoms that are comfortable, use them to your advantage! I chose this skirt because of how easy I could move throughout the day. Spice up the outfit by layer some jewelry and it looks like you got the outfit straight from Pinterest!

Sweater: Roxy / Skirt: Lizard Thicket / Necklace: Shein

And there you have it folks, some quick & easy outfit ideas to stay cute during the quarantine. They’re all super simple and just by adding some additional detailing you can make it unique and more your style. Comment down below what have been some of your go-to outfit pieces during the quarantine! Stay tuned for more articles on things to do while in quarantine and I hope to see you all very soon!

Gros Bisous,


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