How to Stay Motivated Through Challenging Times

Hello everyone and happy Monday!

As many of you all know, the year school is quickly coming to a close. However, before the year is officially over, I and many other students have to take final exams. For the most part, many of these exams were cancelled due to Corona; but, if you are a high schooler, you’re probably still taking those AP exams. I am one of those high schoolers and I have 4 exams coming up in about two to three weeks.

The pressure over the last couple of weeks has definitely risen because of all the new time dedicated to studying, and with that comes a lot of stress and possibly burn out. Personally, I am starting to struggle with this and have actually spent more time stressing out and staring at my ceiling than actually doing any work. Luckily, I pushed myself to work a little bit more, and through that I found some tricks that I wanted to share with all of you that helped me stay on task and motivated anytime I was feeling drained.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

✰ Create a vision board

Creating a vision board is a really helpful tool because it visualizes all your goals. I like to do this anytime I start a new goal because it helps me remind myself why I began pursuing that specific goal. You can make this for goals you’d like to achieve that specific week, month, or year. Simply, go on Pinterest or Google, find some pictures that represent your goals, and make a cute collage. Something I also like to add is little subliminal messages that help with manifesting those goals.


Place your vision somewhere where you’ll see it all the time (such as your phone or laptop background) that way anytime you’re feeling down, you’ll feel motivated to start working again. For some inspiration, here is my vision board. At the moment it’s more focused on wanting to grow my blog and style as those are my goals going into summer.

✰ Work With Pomodoro Sessions

I recently discovered pomodoro sessions on Youtube and absolutely love using them when I really don’t feel like working. Essentially, a pomodoro session is a certain amount of time that you choose to be dedicated to working. These sessions are typically around 25-30 minutes and helps your tasks get done quickly and effeciently. The YouTube videos are great because it also adds background noise of another person studying with you. It ultimately helps get you situated to work for a short amount of time, leading to more work done when you don’t want to dedicate hours to working.

Here are some links to my favorite pomodoro sessions to work to as well as a magical Hogwarts ambient video: 

✰ Be Kind to Yourself

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Sometimes the best thing to do is just to stop working and just take care of yourself. It’s important to listen to your body first and not push it to its extreme limits. Personally, when I feel down I like to take longer breaks working where I watch movies, read, or go on a little coffee drive. Even if I’m having the worst day, I find myself still getting everything done reasonably, if I work when my body feels ok.

Things do to when resting: 

  • Listen to some music
  • Meditate or write in a journal
  • Take a bath
  • Bake some sweets and watch a movie
  • Read a book or listen to a podcase
  • & anything else that makes you relax!

✰ Watch Videos About Your Attaining Goals

This tip is one that always helps me start working again if I’m feeling down. If I am striving towards a certain goal, let’s say getting into a certain school, watching vlogs of students attending that school, having fun, and living their best lives make me want to start working again because the urge to reach that goal grows again. So I reccommend that whatever you are feeling down about, watch a video about someone that has already attained it. It will make you remember why you started and slowly the motivation will come back.

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So that’s it for today’s blog post! I hoped you all enjoyed these little tips and if more come to mind I will definitely write another! I know this post isn’t fashion related like my typical ones, but school stress is something that I’ve been struggling with recently and I wanted to share these little tips with all of you. Hopefully I was able to help and be sure to comment down below what are some things you do when you want to regain your motivation. Love you all and see you soon!

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Gros Bisous,


5 thoughts on “How to Stay Motivated Through Challenging Times

  1. Such great tips! I love the vision board one, yours looks so aesthetically pleasing. I’ve never done one myself but I think I will find the time soon to make one and make it my laptop background. 😊

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  2. I’ve been going crazy sticking things up on my walls as a bit of a spread out vision board in my rooms and I’ve loved it, considering how much time I’m now spending in my room! I think I definitely want to sit down and make a dedicated one soon not just for the inspo but also because of how fun it is! x

    Liked by 1 person

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