How to Easily Recreate Model Off-Duty Looks

Hello lovelies and happy Monday!

How are you all doing? I’ve been busy trying to study for final exams and am super excited for the school year to be soon over.

As part of their jobs, models wear extravagant clothes all the time. From bright neon colors to very unique cuts and designs, models have worn it all. So it’s no shock that when they aren’t working, their style is much more comfortable and simple. Yet, many of their outfits capture the public’s attention due to the rising popularity of street style as well as still looking chic and effortless.

For today’s blog post I’m going to be sharing with all of you how to recreate off-duty looks from your favorite models. There seems to be many trends to how these models style their outfits which actually make them quite easy to recreate. All you’ll need are some basic pieces in your wardrobe and let’s begin!

To start recreating these outfits, I first made a inspiration board to see if there was any patterns or any dinstic, common pieces that these models implemented into their street style looks. Keep reading to find the categories I put these outfits in!

Mood Board Model Look

#1) Mom Jeans + Brandy Top

Red top

When looking at models’ outfits on Pinterest, I realized many models owned this very top from Brandy Melville. If you look at the vision board I made as well, you can see Kendall Jenner and Lily Rose-Depp both are wearing this top in different colors. In addition, when wearing this top, these models tend to go for a monochromatic look as well as jeans that show off their stomachs. So to recreate this outfit, I wore some mid-rise mom jeans and the red Brandy Melville crop top.

#2) Silky/Chic Pieces

Chic Touches

Another common look among these models is the addition of chic/silky pieces to their outfits to make it look more put together and effortless. The silky material really makes an outfit look simplistic yet still eye-capturing, making it a great off duty look. For this outfit, I styled a silky blouse I thrifted with some comfortable shorts and voila, a chic yet comfortable outfit!

#3) The Blazer

PicMonkey Collage

One quick look at model off-duty looks and one thing you will for sure find is the addition of a blazer. Preferable oversized, the blazer is once again a piece that makes an outfit more put together. It’s a staple piece in these models’ wardrobes (and should be in yours as well) because like mentioned in my previous fashion post, a blazer can make a basic outfit look really chic. For this look, I paired the popular model worn mom jeans, a basic white top, and a cropped blazer from my mother’s closet. Suddenly, you can’t tell if I’m getting a cup of coffee or off to a meeting.

#4) The Basic Comfy Outfit

PicMonkey Collage

I mainly took this outfit inspo as a combination from Bella Hadid’s simple skirt outfit with Selena Gomez’s cardigan outfit. Many models often go for the basic denim + crop outfit which is normal for typical street style. As my outfit looked much more fancier because I didn’t own a denmin skirt, I decided to tone it down with a white cardigan that gives the outfit a much more comfortable and casual vibe.

Well friends that’s it for today’s blog post! I hoped you enjoyed and please let me know down in the comments what you enjoy wearing on a casual day! Little disclaimer that there will be no post next week as I am currently busy with preparing for final exams and want to have all my attention focused on that. Then, I will be in blogging mode all summer. Love you all very much and remember to stay safe!

Gros bisous,

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12 thoughts on “How to Easily Recreate Model Off-Duty Looks

  1. Hello! Loved these outfit ideas so much! I would love to see more model off-duty inspired outfits- like a part 2! Have a good day!
    PS: where did you get that black top from?

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