The Simplest & Cutest Fits for Lazy Days

Hello everyone and happy Monday!

When I restarted my blog, the very first blog post I posted was “The Simplest & Cutest Quarantine Fits” and it did extremely well! I was so shocked that I was getting so many views, especially on Pinterest. So, I thought that since that post seemed to have been very popular with you all that I should put together some more cozy outfits!

These cozy outfits are great because they look extremely trendy and stylish while still being comfortable. Because I wanted to create a post that many of you could find the pieces in your closet, I’ll mostly be wearing comfy bottoms that I’m sure most of you may own. So let me show you how to create comfortable, stay-at-home outfits while still looking cute for an Instagram picture!

Speaking of Instagram, be sure to follow me for updated outfits and fashion inspiration! Many outfits here were posted there first! 

Without further ado, let’s begin!

1) Sweats & Details

sweats + detail

Truly, one of the best ways to make any cozy outfit look trendy is by implementing different colors and patterns. This helps create a street style, model-off-duty look to your outfits that can make it look like you actually put effort into your outfit (or you just have a great closet). These blue Brandy Melville sweats are one of my absolute favorites as the blue color is really stunning.

For the first outfit, I wore a cropped graphic tee that helps show off a bit of skin but also gives more depth to the outfit. In addition, The pearl clips and the glasses add a little chic touch to the outfit. As you all know, I love a blue + white combo so I paired the second outfit with a ripped cropped sweater as well as a white bag. This adds a lot more detail to the outfit making it look put together and stylish!

2) Monochromatic Sets


Opposite to the first category, monochromatic looks are also a great way to make minimalistic outfits look much less basic. These outfits were inspired by Hailey Baldwin who loves to wear monochromatic sweat outfits out in public. It still looks fantastic as she accessorized perfectly and adds contrasting details.

As you can see, without the contrasting details of the bag and the sunglasses as well as the gold jewelry, the outfit would’ve been extremely basic. It’s all about that accessorizing and seeing what works to elevate an outfit!

Pro-tip: To make a monochromatic outfit less basic, layer your jewelry, and add contrasting details! For more ideas on how to style basic outfits, click here for another blog post of mine!

3) Cardigan + Mom Jeans

mom jeans + cardigan

I’ve come to the conclusion that mom jeans are truly the best type of jean. They’re so comfortable, look fashionable, and perfect for the days where you need to wear pants but don’t want to. The cardigan in this outfit is very trendy right now (not to mention super soft), especially with the tie in front as well as the mini bag. Using pieces that are trendy and relevant in comfy outfits really does make an outfit look better. Lastly, I paired the outfit with some basic Nike Air Force 1s to add more of a casual, cozy touch it.

Jeans: Thrifted / Top & bag: PrettyLittleThing / Shoes: Nike

4) Sporty Shorts + Sweater

Sporty Shorts

Once again a white + blue set, are you shocked at this point? I’ve been wanting a pair of nice comfy shorts that I could wear out for a really long time as all the ones I have are basically pajama shorts. These shorts are great because not only are they comfortable, but they also look like actual shorts. I love the sporty look they give off which is great as it adds to the street-style look. I paired the shorts with the same sweater that was in one of the previous pictures as I felt like the textures would fit very nicely. This gave me a super comfortable outfit but one that I wasn’t afraid to go out in. In fact, I got so many compliments on it when I did wear it!

Shorts: Maniere de Voir / Top: Forever 21

Well that’s it for today’s blog post everyone! I really enjoyed making outfits for this post and I hope to make similiar ones in the future. As summer started not too long ago, I’ll be starting to post twice a week now so be sure to stay tuned for a Friday blog post too now.  Be sure to leave a comment about what type of post you’d like to see! See you all Friday!

Gros bisous,





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