The Ultimate Guide to Posing + Poses that made my Pictures go Viral

Instagram and Pinterest are two of the many social platforms that consist only of visuals. With the millions, if not billions, of creators on each of these platforms, it can often be mentally overwhelming to create unique and creative content all the time. However, there is an easy way to make your pictures look much cleaner and unique without having the most outstanding outfit or newest idea. In fact, some of my pictures with over 100K+ impressions on Pinterest aren’t because I’ve started a new trend. Rather, it’s actually because of the “look” of the picture altogether. Going back to the basics and learning the proper way to pose for pictures is essential for making your pictures successful.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing with you all some poses that I have used in some of my most viral pins, as well as tips & tricks I’ve learned along the way. At the end of the blog post, I’ll also be sharing with all my Pinterest boards where I get daily inspiration.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Am I Posing Correctly? How do I know?

This may seem like quite basic and useless questions, but it’s actually far from that. Posing is essentially knowing how your body looks like in a photo.

To know if you are properly posing, it’s best for you to experiment with poses in your mirror. Ultimately, everyone prefers to pose in different ways and that’s why it can make your pictures so much more unique. Put on a cute outfit and just look at how you position your body. When you point one of your legs in front of you, do you feel as if it’s too elongated? Are you showing off your curves or are you hiding them? Does your right or left side photograph better? Are you subconsciously slouching? Then, take out your phone, do the same poses, and photograph yourself. Sometimes, a pose may look appealing without the camera focused on you, but it looks less nice when we take a look through the phone. Slouching, being too far or too close, and looking uncomfortable are all things that a camera can quickly pick up.

Let me show you in further detail the dos & don’ts of posing.

Sitting Poses

Taking pictures in front of mirror is my favorite way to take pictures of my outfits. I personally find that it gives a picture so much more of a casual and natural look. However, it’s still important for me to properly show off my outfits for the picture to be successful. So, let’s begin with seeing what works and what doesn’t work. Check out this video on my favorite sitting poses!

Poses That Didn’t Work

Poses That Didn't Work

Left picture: While there isn’t anything really “wrong” about this picture, my legs don’t show off the outfit properly and could be positioned better. Both legs are raised which hide the middle area of my body that should rather be shown off.

Middle: Once again, this picture is fine; however, my curves aren’t properly accentuated and I seem to be leaning too far back. If I had put my weight on the other side of my body, my curves would have been properly shown off.

Right: The pose I chose for this picture looks quite uncomfortable. I seem to be barely balancing because of putting my entire weight on the left side of my body. A pose that would much more natural would fit better with showing off this outfit.

Poses That Worked

pictures that worked

Left: This is one of my pictures that went viral on Pinterest. From analyzing this picture, it works because my posing is very comfortable, yet still maintains a streetstyle, confident vibe. Compared to the one above, this pose is much better because of the one leg that is elongated. In addition, I look much more confident and comfortable in the picture. This is one of my favorite poses to do because it makes your body and your outfit look great at the same time.

Middle: Having better poster and leaning in makes this picture look so much better. In addition, the picture has more movement and depth to due me holding a part of my jeans.

Right: Don’t I look so much more comfortable in this one? My legs are properly elongated which shows off skirt and my body is turned facing the mirror to show more of the floral top. The change of the poses makes the picture look effortless and helps elevate the entire outfit.

Full Body Poses

Poses that Didn’t Work

full body that didn't work

Left: I think the pose itself is quite interesting, but the hand over my stomach makes it seem as I’m hiding. This outfit would look so much better if that hand was better positioned.

Middle: There is so much things I can do with a flowy skirt and this pose doesn’t show off any part of the outfit. It’s just very casual and bland.

Right: I actually don’t mind this pose as much; however, once again, the way I hold my hand makes it seem as I am shying away from the camera.

Poses that Worked

full body poses

Left: Don’t you guys think I look so much more confident in this picture? I don’t have many curves so putting some of weight on my back leg really helps create a curvier illusion. Lastly, my hands aren’t lost and seem to be properly placed.

Middle: This picture is great because of the use of the skirt and the movement it creates in the picture. The outfit looks overall looks so much better.

Right: This one seems quite similiar to the other, but my weight is on the proper foot that once again creates a curvy illusion. Having my hand pulling on the sleeve rather than holding my hands creates some movement rather than looking shy.

Some more posing tips:

  • Show off your curves! Your curves are beautiful and deserve to be extuanted!
  • Use any props around you to add movement to your photos. If you have flowy skirt, try to do a little spin as the camera takes the picture. Or, if you have a bag, photograph yourself while you are putting the bag up your arm or just softly swinging it.
  • Use the space around you. Similar to the first tip, if you are posing in front of a basic, white wall, there is so much potential with what you could do. Elongate your body and do some “stretch” poses to take up space. This will often create much more unique pictures.
  • Make sure your hair is looking good! If you take mirror selfies with your phone in front of your face, you want to make sure that your hair is properly placed and not all over the place. This will make aspects of your picture look cleaner.
  • Get inspiration from others! If you’d like to see where I get my posing inspiration follow my Pinterest board here!Β 

Well everyone, here was this week’s blog post! I hope you all enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed making it. I would love to create more posts like this so please feel free to leave any post ideas down in the comments. Love you all, stay safe, and I’ll see you all next week!

Gros bisous,




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